Thank You Berry Much


Easter isn’t a holiday that my family really celebrates together. We used to do a big Easter brunch with my grandparents and cousins when I was little, but now, we all live so far away; I live in New Jersey, my brother is in Arizona, some of my cousins are in Colorado, some are in Nashville, and my parents and grandparents are in California, so it’s too hard for everyone to get together for Easter. Christmas is really the only holiday that we all make it back to California for. Starting in college, I’ve always treated Easter as an excuse to try out a new brunch place with some friends. It’s a fun way to celebrate even though my friends and I are not super religious. This year I went into Manhattan to meet up with one of my friends from law school and check out Quality Eats near Madison Square Park. It was an excellent brunch. I highly recommend the savory monkey bread and spinach beignet eggs benedict. It was a gloomy morning in New York, but by the time we finished brunch and came out of the restaurant the clouds had disappeared and it turned into a lovely spring afternoon. We took advantage of the water and walked around Madison Square Park for a bit, and the trees were so beautiful in bloom. It was the perfect way to spend a low-key Easter Sunday.


Even though it was cloudy in the morning, I was so excited to put together a spring outfit to wear the brunch and ditch the heavy sweaters and coats I’ve been wearing all winter. It took a bit longer than I would have liked, but the winter coats have officially been retired for the season. Bring on sundresses and light jackets! This berry printed skirt is from J. Crew two years ago. I had been eyeing the print all spring and summer, but I generally prefer dresses to skirts, and I didn’t love the dress and top styles that the print came in, so I didn’t end up buying anything in the print, even though I loved it. A few months ago though, I saw this skirt on Poshmark with the tags still on, for like a third of the price! I figured even if I wasn’t sure about the skirt, at such a low price it was worth trying it out, because I loved the berry print so much. I ended up loving it! The length is perfect, there’s no risk of it riding up and showing anything, and the waist band actually stays in place. A big part of the reason why I prefer dresses to skirts is that I always feel like skirts slip around and don’t stay in the right spot on my waist, but I didn’t have that issue at all with this skirt! I stuck with a simple navy top to bring out the blackberries in the print of the skirt, and the brown skinny belt helped create more definition around my waist. I was pleasantly surprised by how great this outfit turned out, and it made me so excited for more spring and summer outfits to come!

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