A Little Bit of Leopard


Back in January, Erik and I visited DC for a week. While we were there, we stopped by our wedding venue and did a second tour of it. Our venue is in the Navy Yard neighborhood, which is a very up and coming area. Every time I’ve been there over the past two years there’s been more restaurants and bars, new apartment building popping up, and new construction getting started. It seems like DC is finally starting to take advantage of all the waterfront it has on the Potomac River. Before we headed to our venue, we stopped in the Wharf neighborhood, which is right next to Navy Yard. It’s also a neighborhood under construction and expanding. We checked out a cute local bookshop, grabbed some coffee, and walked from the Wharf to Navy Yard. It was a great little walk, you can walk along the water for most of it, and we walked by the Nationals baseball stadium. It’s a really cool part of the city that is so different from the National Mall area. There aren’t really any historical monuments or sites, and feels more like any other young city on the water, and not so DC.


Since we were walking so much, I opted for casual and comfortable with my outfit choice. This sweater was a bit outside my comfort zone, but I actually love it! I usually am not a big fan of leopard, I think it’s very easy for leopard to cross the line from cute to tacky, and I’ve always been so scared of it being tacky that I’ve never even tried to wear it. Lately though I’ve been seeing more and more people wearing leopard ballet flats and leopard lined coats, and I like it in those kinds of small details. When I saw this sweater on J. Crew’s website I knew it was the perfect item for me to try out leopard. The black sweater itself is very classic and basic, which I like, and makes the collar really pop. The collar is such a small amount of fabric, that the leopard is subtle enough for my more classic taste. I also just really like that it’s a collar attached to a sweater, instead of a collared shirt underneath a sweater. I always feel so bulky when I try to layer a button down under a sweater, and this sweater has the same look without the bulk. I decided to build off the leopard color scheme and do camel and black for the rest of the outfit. A camel coat is a great go-to coat for winter that I get so much use out of, and my black flats were so comfortable to walk in. Keeping the rest of the outfit with solid neutrals made sure that the collar of the sweater really popped. I love how this outfit came together.

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