Red, White, and Blue

The past couple weeks I've been super stressed and busy with studying for the New Jersey bar, and the blog kind of took a backseat for a bit. I didn't have the time or energy to put together quality posts, and I didn't want to post mediocre content just to post something. My professional life had to take priority over my fun and creative life for a little bit. I have about three weeks until I take the bar exam, and I'm so ready to be done studying, but I still have a bit more to push through. Luckily, I get the day off for the 4th of July, and I'm taking full advantage of it by visiting Erik for a week and we have plans to spend the 4th on the water.

With the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday, some people have already started celebrating, because this past weekend could be considered to have been 4th of July weekend. When I looked in my closet to figure out a couple red, white, and blue outfits I realized that I don't have much red in my closet, it's a bit more aggressive of a color than I like to wear regularly, but I have plenty of blue and white dresses, so I immediately decided that my best option was to pair a blue and white dress with red lipstick. Blue and white are my regular go-to colors, and the red lipstick adds such a fun pop of patriotic color without being too overwhelming.

My Lilly Pulitzer Jane dress is one of the most comfortable dresses that I own. It's much more relaxed and flowy than a typical Lilly Pulitzer dress, which gives it a more casual look that's perfect for summer. This dress comes in almost a dozen prints and solid colors, with different patterns around the front zipper, and I have to stop myself from buying every single one, I love the style so much. The front zipper is so fun, and can make the dress as modest or as sexy as you want it to be, and the zipper with the neckline detail makes it so you don't need to wear a necklace. It can be worn with simpler jewelry. I paired it with a gold KJP rope bracelet that's perfect for summer. The gold played off well with the gold of the zipper, and the sailor know adds a nautical, summery touch.

Erik and I didn't really start celebrating the holiday this weekend, but he gets the actual 4th off, so a few of our friends are coming out to visit for the day. We're taking a sailboat cruise off the coast of the beach town that he lives next too, and I'm so excited to spend the late morning on the water. When we get back we're going to grill in Erik's backyard, and while the men grill, I'll probably be stuffing my face with watermelon, my favorite summer fruit, and sipping on some rose wine. I hope everyone else has fabulous plans for the holiday!

~ Dress (similar) ~ Sandals ~ Bracelet ~ Sunglasses ~ Earrings ~

Erik Rehnberg