Tour of Tangier

I'm finally back home from my big trip to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal, and I've been enjoying just lounging around on the couch doing nothing. This is my last outfit post from the trip, it's from my brief stop in Tangier, Morocco. We only had one full day in Tangier, and two half days, but we made the most of our time. We booked a tour guide to take us around to all the sites outside the city center, and to take us through the various markets in the city. Morocco was very culturally different than Spain and Portugal, and since we were two young women traveling alone, we felt much more comfortable with a tour guide than we did walking through the streets of the Kasbah area by ourselves. We made an effort to be respectful of the Muslim culture, and dressed so that our shoulders and knees were covered each day.

We started our day driving out of the city to the coast. We went to a few gorgeous look out points, including where you can see the Atlantic Ocean meet the Mediterranean Sea. We drove along the beach and stopped to meet some camels. We had the opportunity to ride them, but I was too nervous to do that. I never really liked horses as a child, and a camel is kind of like a weird horse. After watching the camels stand up with people riding them, I was glad that I didn't participate, because they way they stand up is super weird, and everyone looked like they were about to fall off. Then we went to the famous Hercules caves, where Hercules from Ancient Rome is said to have stayed and slept in the caves before completing his 11th of the 12 Labors, getting the golden apples from Hesperides Garden. I minored in Classical Civilizations in college, which was basically just studying Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, so I was very excited to visit the caves. We drove back into town and ended the day with a late lunch at a local family restaurant, and wandering through the various markets.

Outfit planning for Tangier was a little bit tricky because we wanted to make sure our knees and shoulders were covered. I had been wearing a lot of sleeveless and above the knee dresses on the trip, but those weren't an option. I opted to go with my Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pants and a pearl embellished t-shirt. The Travel Pants are incredible, they're basically fancy, more structured leggings. They have an elastic waistband and they're stretchy, but the material is thicker than most leggings and they have a seem up the front of both legs which adds an element of sophistication. They're incredibly comfortable, I wore them on our both of our trans-Atlantic flights, and they were perfect for spending the day touring Tangier. I chose my pearl t-shirt, because it was such an easy way to cover my shoulders without getting too hot. I like to have a couple of cuter t-shirts on hand for things like this. The pearls around the neckline of my t-shirt make it more fun and feminine than just a simple plain white t-shirt. I added the scarf as a fun pop of color against the white t-shirt, and the navy in the scarf went well with my navy pants, it was the perfect accessory to elevate an otherwise simple outfit. I opted for comfort sandals this day, because we spent a lot of time walking around in the sand and dirt, and the ground in the markets was not the cleanest, so I didn't want to ruin a cute pair of sandals. Finding a pair of comfort sandals that are somewhat cute is crucial for any long trip with a lot of walking, they will save your feet.

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