Magic in Madrid

Madrid was one of the cities that we spent the most amount of time on this trip. We spent four entire days there, getting in at noon the first day and not leaving until 10PM the fourth day. Madrid was very different from most of the other Spanish cities we had visited so far. It was very urban and more modern than San Sebastian and LaGuardia, it even felt more urban and modern than Barcelona. It was a very convenient city to get around. Almost all of the tourist sites are in the same area of the city. The Royal Palace, the Cathedral, Plaza Mayor, the Prado Museum, and the Mercado de San Miguel are all within an easy walk from each other. Because everything was so close together, we got tourist sites checked off our list pretty quickly, and we had more time to relax and enjoy the culture of the city. We ended up spending a lot of time at the Mercado de San Miguel. It was the perfect place to grab lunch, because we could try small samples from each stall, instead of committing to one cafe or tapas bar. Our favorite stall was a burrata and mozzarella stand. They sold little pieces of bread piled sky high with an extremely pillowy and soft burrata, topped with some delicious flavor of jam or jelly and a bit of meat or nuts. My favorite one was topped with blueberry jam and sliced almonds. The contrast of the sweet jam with the salty burrata was absolutely delicious.

We also enjoyed wandering around the Sabatini Gardens. There has been a bit of a heat wave in Spain this August, and Madrid was very hot in the afternoons, so we woke up early one morning to get to the gardens soon after they opened, so we could enjoy our time there before it got too hot to be comfortable. This white romper came in handy with the heat. I'm usually not a big fan of rompers, they don't always look right on my body type, and I just generally don't feel comfortable in them. I love this style that Lilly Pulitzer has started making. It has an apron skirt in the front and back, to make it feel a bit more like a dress even though it is a romper. The apron skirt makes it more flattering, because it covers up any potential unflattering bunching of the shorts in the front. This romper made me feel like a greek goddess while I was wearing it. The pattern of the white lace is a more fun and summer pattern than a traditional lace pattern, and the gold detail around the neckline and shoulders adds the perfect amount of glamour, but it's still appropriate for daytime. I stuck with gold and white for my jewelry, to have a more cohesive look, and I love how it turned out. The gold bangle plays well off the neckline, and the white beaded earrings match the fun and summery tone of the lace print. I felt very cute and confident as I walked around Madrid that day. If you're someone that's on the fence about rompers, I highly recommend checking out Lilly Pulitzer's Donna Romper. It comes in different patterns and solid colors, so there's something for everyone.

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