Nautical Stripes at the Naval Academy

Now that I'm done with the Bar Exam, I'm officially in vacation mode. My first stop was Annapolis, for one of Erik's friend's wedding. We got there a few days before the wedding, so that we had time to explore the city a little bit. I had never been to Annapolis before, and I instantly loved it. It's an adorable waterfront small city. Downtown, there were plenty of cute boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops. We stopped at the Red Bean coffee shop and I got and incredibly delicious Honey Lavender Iced Latte. The floral taste of the lavender really mellowed at the sweetness of the honey. There were also so many cute houses turned Bed and Breakfasts. The whole town was just so picturesque. After wandering around downtown Annapolis for a bit, we walked over to the Naval Academy, and wandered around campus for a bit. We saw a bunch of different groups on incoming freshman being whipped into shape during their "plebe summer." While walking around, Erik mentioned several times that he was glad that he didn't go to the Academy. It was a cute town, but the structure of Academy life is very different from the typical college lifestyle.

Since we were in such a naval town, I decided to wear a very nautical inspired outfit. When I think nautical, I think navy and white stripes and boat shoes. I got this 3/4 sleeve length tee a few months ago, and it's a great staple tee. Every girl needs a basic striped tee, and this is perfect. The length of the sleeves makes it perfect for all weather and all seasons. Since my tee had very neutral colored stripes, I decided to pair it with some fun, pink shorts. Salmon or Nantucket Red shorts are so fun for the summer. They go great with white and blue tops, and they're the perfect summer splash of color. Since we were waling around all day, I paired my striped shirt with some comfortable boat shoes. I've had these boat shoes since my junior year of college. Erik got me them as a birthday present, and I've worn them regularly every since. They're so comfortable and so well broken in. I wear them every time I drive for multiple hours at a time, and whenever I need to slip on a pair of shoes to run errands. They're a neutral beige/brown color, with gold polka dots on the side, and gold laces, and they literally match every outfit. Everyone has that one pair of shoes that are a little too thrashed to wear in nice situations, but are too comfortable to get rid of, and these boat shoes are my version of those shoes. They were the perfect shoe to wear to walk around a naval town.