Fall Vineyard


One of the things I love about living in Princeton is how centrally located it is for other fun places in the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. Princeton itself is a super cute suburban town. Downtown Princeton looks like it belongs in a movie, with it’s quaint brick buildings, cute shops, and sprawling central square. Within about an hour, I can get from Princeton to two major cities, NYC and Philly, if I’m in the mood for the hustle and bustle of a city, or if I want to catch a Broadway show. A half hour drive from Princeton, there’s this lovely vineyard, out in a more country area, called Union Vineyards. It’s completely different from the suburbs or the city, and I love being able to get that variety so easily.


Last weekend I went to the vineyard with one of my friends who lives in Philly. It was kind of a gloomy day, so the tasting room wasn’t too crowded and the grounds were basically empty. The wine was surprisingly good for New Jersey wine, I actually bought a bottle of Syrah to take home. The tasting room and the grounds were just so cute. Inside it felt like a log cabin, with wood everywhere, and big windows so you could overlook some of the winemaking operation. We walked around outside for a bit after the tasting. Some of the land they use for vineyards is right next to the tasting room, so you can get a sense of where the grapes actually come from. There’s also a cute outdoor sitting area that I’m sure is lovely in the spring and summer. They sometimes host weddings at the vineyard, and they have this gorgeous brick house that brides can use to get ready in. The whole property really has that quaint, East Coast, country vibe. After we finished tasting wine and looking around the property, we drove to New Hope, right on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, to grab some dinner. New Hope is also a very cute town, it’s a bit smaller than Princeton. It kind of reminds me of a slightly bigger Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. It has a few more restaurants and shops, but it has a similar vibe. It was a great way to spend a fall day.


There was a slight chill in the air the day that we went, but it wasn’t too cold, so I opted for a classic fall blazer instead of a coat. I absolutely love this camel blazer. It’s the perfect color for fall, and the fit is fantastic. I’ve been wearing it casually with jeans, and dressing it up for work with black pants or a navy dress. It’s incredibly versatile and a great fall staple. I love how the color of the blazer looked with my neck scarf. I’ve had the scarf tied around my work bag for the past couple weeks, and I decided to switch it up and wear it around my neck. I felt so chic all day, and the color of the floral print is just perfect for the season. One of my favorite fall accessories lately has been these acorn earrings. They’re gold and pave so they go with everything, and they’re small and subtle enough that they don’t look childish. They’re a pop of festive fun for September-November! I love a good fall color palette, and this outfit worked perfectly for the season.

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