Window Shopping: Boots & Booties

It’s boots and booties season! I love not having to worry about getting regular pedicures, and having my toes and feet nice and toasty in m boots. Below are some season staples, and some statement boots and booties. I could not get through the fall and winter without my Tory Burch brown riding boots and my L.L.Bean boots. My riding boots go with everything. They’re a little pricey, but after two years of constant wear during the cold seasons, they look like they’re only a month old. They’re in great condition and I likely won’t have to replace them for another 3-5 years. Bean Boots are perfect for the snow, rain, and mud. They always keep my feet warm and dry, and like my riding boots, they last for years. On the statement side, I’ve always wanted rich, burgundy booties. They would look great with a little black dress, or with jeans and a neutral sweater. For fall tones I prefer burgundy to olive green, it looks better with my skin tone, and this year I might finally pull the trigger on these Zyda Zip booties.

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