Timelessly Tweed


A few weekends ago one of my friends came from Los Angeles to New York for a visit. I popped into the city to spend a whole day with her, and with our friend that she was staying with. It was one of the first days that really felt like fall, and I loved it. We started the day off with brunch, I don’t think it’s possible for me to spend a day in New York and not start with brunch, there’s just so many great brunch places in the city. Then we made our way down to Brooklyn to check out the Botanical Gardens. I had never been before, and it was lovely.


It was so nice to see so much greenery in the city outside Central Park. Since it was just the start of fall, there was a mix of trees with changing leaves, and some beautiful flowers left over from summer. The gardens definitely had more of a lush greenery focus than a floral focus. There were so many lush trees and vines all over the place. There was even a vegetable garden. It was a fun and unique way to spend an afternoon in New York. It was a quiet pocket of the city, out of the typical hustle and bustle.


I was so excited to start dressing for fall. I love fall fabrics and patterns. Plaid, tweed, cable knit sweaters, and houndstooth oh my! I am completely obsessed with this tweed dress from the September Gal Meets Glam collection. The colors in the tweed are gorgeous. There's navy, royal purple, brown, two different shades beige, and gold. The colors are rich and luxurious, and perfect for the season. I decided to build off the navy in the tweed, and paired the dress with a navy cardigan and navy purse. The J.Crew Jackie Cardigan is a great closet staple. It’s simple, versatile, and elegant. I have it in a few different colors and they’re so easy to just grab and throw on when I need a light layer. I finished off my outfit with a pearl necklace and earrings. Something about pearls and tweed together just make me feel so sophisticated and put together. They compliment each other so well, and I felt so great wearing this outfit.