A White Lace Affair

Last week I finished my last round of finals ever, and I have some time in between the end of finals and graduation, so Erik and I decided to go to Wilmington for the weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday, warm and sunny with a light breeze. We spent the day walking along the river, wandering around downtown, and checking out a local used bookstore. We popped into a bar in the evening before dinner to watch the Kentucky Derby. I don't know too much about horse racing, but I think the Derby is fun to watch, and I love Derby fashion. I don't usually bet on the race, but Erik's dad offered to put down $5 for me on whichever horse I wanted, so I chose Vino Rosso solely because of the name! How could I not root for a horse named wine?

My hat was a perfect choice for the weather, and it made me feel festive even thought I wasn't actually at the Derby. We spent most of the day outside and it was so nice not having to worry if my nose was getting sunburnt or if my cheeks were getting too pink. I obsessed with the seersucker bow on this hat. It's the perfect touch of southern sass, and it looks great with a white or navy dress. This hat will get plenty of use protecting my face from the sun at the beach this summer.

I was so excited that it felt like summer this weekend, so I could wear a white sundress. To me, white sundresses are just so quintessentially summer, and every woman should have a few in her closet. They're so versatile and such a timeless summer look. I got mine from Lilly Pulitzer about a month ago, and Lilly has plenty of other gorgeous white dresses right now. I love that the lace on this dress is kind of nautical/octopus inspired, instead of traditional lace. It adds a sense of playfulness to the dress. This dress would also be great for a high school or college graduation, paired with some nude pumps. I dressed it down with simple white sandals that I could comfortably walk around in all day.

I also love the sunglasses that I wore on Saturday. Throughout most of law school I wore my glasses every day because I was doing just so much reading that it was more comfortable to not even bother with contacts. Because I wasn't really wearing contacts, the only sunglasses I was wearing were my prescription sunglasses. Recently though, I've been making more of an effort to wear my contacts out at night, or on days that I don't anticipate studying or spending a lot of time reading, and I treated myself to a new pair of non-prescription sunglasses. I love the cat eye shape of these sunglasses, they made me feel very old-school Hollywood glamorous. They're a fun and sassy shape, without being too over the top. They're a timeless look that won't ever go out of style.