Peacockin' Around Town

This past weekend I visited my fiance and took a small break from studying non-stop for finals. He lives in a somewhat rural part of North Carolina, and it's nice to get away for a weekend every so often and enjoy the slow and quiet. We had a bit of a day date on Saturday. He had a work barbecue that we stopped by for a little bit, and then we went to see Avengers: Infinity War. We make a point to see Marvel movies together in the theater when they come out. Marvel movies are some of the few movies that we're both excited to see, so we like to make a date out of them. The movie was incredible with some twists that I was not expecting. If you haven't seen it yet and you're even remotely interested in Marvel, I highly recommend seeing it as soon as possible.

Since we were just going to a barbecue and the movies I decided to keep my outfit pretty casual. This striped navy and white t-shirt is my absolute t-shirt that I own. I love the classic stripe combo, and it's made from an incredibly soft jersey-knit material. It literally as comfortable as a pajama top. I also love the subtle detail of the neckline. The stripes on the neckline are at a different angle from the rest of the shirt, and it makes the simple t-shirt just a touch more interesting. I paired the t-shirt with white jeans for a classic summer outfit. I could see myself walking barefoot down the beach in this type of an outfit, and I love how the white of the jeans plays off the white stripes in the shirt. It's such a crisp look.

Since I kept my outfit relatively simple, I decided to have fun with my accessories. I love Kate Spade novelty earrings. Earrings and small and subtle enough that it's easy to play around with fun shapes and colors without them taking over the whole outfit or becoming too kitschy. I got these peacock earrings during the last Kate Spade Surprise Sale. I have an Ebay link to them at the bottom, but keep an eye out for the next few surprise sales because they'll probably pop up again. I find myself pairing these earrings with simple navy tops and dresses, which I have a lot of. The blue jewels in the peacocks look good with other shades of blue.

I also brought out my new pair of white sandals for one of the first times this spring. I find that t-strap sandals are generally the most comfortable style for my feet. I love these in particular because they have small bows at the top of the t-shirt, which adds a fun and feminine touch. The soles of these sandals are a squishy quilted material, which make them comfortable to walk around all day in. There was no break in time for these, I was able to throw them on and spend all day in them right out of the box.

The finishing touch on my outfit is the wicker bag. I featured it last week as well, but it's such a fun bag that I couldn't resist including it again. Carrying a wicker bag just feels like summer and makes the day feel a bit more summery. I'll be carrying this bag around all season this summer, and I can't wait to take it to the beach and for weekend trips.


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