Busy Bee

Today I have my last day of law school class ever. I went straight from college to law school, so I've been in school for the past 22 years straight. It's crazy for me to realize that I will never take another class in school again. It's been a whirl-wind last few weeks, and it will continue to be a whirl-wind until finals are over and graduation rolls around. In the past few weeks my classmates have realized that we won't all be together for very much longer, so we've been trying to cram in as much fun, social outings as we can while still juggling starting to study for finals. Some of us are sticking around the Durham area for the summer to study for the Bar Exam, while some of us are going home for the summer or moving to our new cities a few months early. After consistently being in school for the last 22 years, I'm looking forward to entering the working world this fall.

One of my closest law school friends and I decided to do a little photo shoot to commemorate the last day of classes. The law school sign is a favorite spot to take pictures, but somehow I had made it three years without any pictures with the sign, so I needed to rectify that. It was the perfect spring day for a photo shoot. The temperature was in the mid 70's and there was a light breeze. I had on my favorite spring jacket, my scalloped trench coat from Draper James, but I really didn't need it, it was so nice out. I love the scallop details around the waistline and the 3/4 length sleeves on this jacket. It's perfect for spring and early fall.

My chambray top is also from Draper James, I love their spring line this year. They have lots of timeless silhouettes and classic fabrics. This top is so soft and comfortable, the chambray material is great. I love that the ruffled sleeves add a bit of fun and feminine flair to an otherwise simple top, and the high v-neck is perfect for wearing a pendant necklace with it. I paired the top with white jeans, but it would also look great with black pants, or patterned shorts or a skirt. It's such a versatile top that goes with pretty much everything besides blue denim.

I'm obsessed with the white jeans that I'm wearing. They're from the Loft and they're the signature curvy fit. The Loft's curvy fit is great for anyone with an hourglass figure. I had when pants that fit in the thighs and hips end up gaping a ton at the waist, or when pants that fit in the waist are squeezing the life out of my thighs. These pants are designed to fix that problem, and they do a great job. The fit my waist and hips with no gaping or squeezing. They're also a thick enough material that you can't see through the white denim at all. I hate when you can see the outline of the pockets through white pants, and these don't show anything.

My favorite part of this outfit though, was my earrings. I've said before that I find Kate Spade's novelty lines to be pretty hit or miss, but I absolutely love these bee earrings. They're perfect for spring and summer. When I was considering buying them I showed them to my fiance and he told me that I should get them and where them "whenever we're drinking on a roof or patio this summer." They're so whimsical and fun, but the colors are neutral enough that you can wear them with a lot of different outfits.


Draper James


Draper James




Tory Burch (similar)


Kate Spade


Kate Spade (similar)