Seersucker Before Easter

Two weeks ago I was on Spring Break from law school. A lot of my friends traveled abroad to Europe and South America with their significant others, but unfortunately, my fiance wasn't able to get that week off from work, so we made do and kept close to home by going to Wilmington for the second weekend of my Spring Break. We got lucky with the weather that weekend. It literally snowed in North Carolina this weekend, I was shocked because it hardly ever snows here in March, but two weekends ago we were able to get a hint of spring, and I was able to break out a sundress and sandals.

I broke a few "fashion rules" with my sundress though. My dress is a Vineyard Vines seersucker dress that I absolutely love. It has a tie front waist, which is incredibly flattering on anyone who is even somewhat of an hourglass figure. It nips the waist in, which gives the dress more shape to it. However, many Southern women would likely get up in arms over the fact that I wore seersucker before Easter. In the South, Seersucker before Easter is like white pants before Memorial Day in New York. Traditionally, it's simply not done. Seersucker it a very traditional Easter fabric, Vineyard Vines has this dress featured in their "Easter Shop" right now, and Easter marks the start of the Seersucker season. But I broke the rules, I just couldn't wait to wear this dress for another month. It's such a cute and breezy dress, perfect for an afternoon spent walking along a river front. In addition to the flattering tie front, it also has pockets. I think most women agree with me that pockets immediately elevate any dress to the next level. If I can put my phone in my dress pocket and have it still be flattering, I can't pass up that dress.

This was also the first weekend of the year that I wore sandals. I thought about wearing boat shoes, but seersucker just begs to be paired with open-toed shoes. These sandals are currently on sale at Jack Rogers, and they are incredibly comfortable and will go with almost any summer dress. I'm very particular about sandals, and these meet my specifications. I like a strap in between my first two toes, and a strap around my ankle. I feel like flip flops are too casual and like they're about to fly off my foot whenever I take a step, so I don't love traditional Jack Rogers sandals. Instead, I found these ones, the pattern in the center of the sandal in very reminiscent of traditional Jacks, but the actual shoe feels much more secure. These shoes are going to be as staple in my wardrobe this summer.

This dress is so cute that I didn't feel like I needed to over accessorize, but the v-neck just begs for a simple necklace to be worn with it. This Kendra Scott necklace seemed like the perfect pairing. The subtle sparkles of the necklace complimented the classic seersucker material very well.

I wore this outfit on our first afternoon in Wilmington, and it was the perfect outfit for walking along the riverfront and stopping for a drink to enjoy the view. My sandals were comfortable for walking and my dress was fitted enough that it didn't become too rumpled with the light breeze coming off the water. We stepped into a wine bar for dinner, and this dress was a great balance of casual but dressed up, that fit perfectly with the ambiance of the wine bar. This dress has been selling out incredibly quickly, and I'm not surprised because it's an easy summer staple.


Vineyard Vines


Kendra Scott


Sperry (similar)


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Jack Rogers

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