Pretty In Plaid

The South got one weekend of spring weather a few weeks ago, and since then we've been stuck with this in between, transitional weather, where it's not really spring yet, but it's not winter anymore either. I'm so ready for spring though, I want to wear sundresses and sandals. Instead, this week I repurposed some items that I had been wearing during the winter, and made them more spring appropriate.

I got this top from J. Crew around the holiday season. I love wearing plaid around Christmas, but I'm always looking for plaid that's not overly festive, so that I can get away with wearing during other times of the year. As much as I love a red plaid, it feels like such a waste to only be able to wear those adorable prints for about one month out of the year. This top has primarily navy and white in the plaid, so it can be worn year round. I would love to wear it in the summer with white jeans and brown or navy sandals. This top is also really fun because it has a tie-neck that can be styled a few different ways. Here, I wrapped it around to the front, to tie a bow slightly off center, but it can also be tied in a bow on the back of the neck, or tied in a simple knot in the back with the extra material free-flowing for a more dramatic look.

This J. Crew Factory skirt is incredibly versatile, and is a great value! In the winter I wore it with black tights and sweaters, and depending on how formal your office is, you could even get away with wearing it to work. As someone with a bit of a booty, I was pleased with how long this skirt is. I don't feel like I have to constantly be pulling it down in the back to make sure nothing shows, it covers everything it's supposed to cover. The best thing about this skirt though is the pockets!!!! Everyone loves a dress with pockets, and a skirt with pockets is no different. Within the last month, J. Crew Factory has released this same skirt in a few more colors, but with a scalloped hem, and it's so cute. I'm very tempted to get it in black.

My booties are a great fall and spring bootie. I got them at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale a few years ago and I wear them all the time. Black booties feel a little too dark and formal to me for spring, but beige and light brown booties go great with sundresses when it's still to cold for sandals. These are a block heel which make them incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in.

I love to accessorize with a watch. I got this watch for my twenty-first birthday, and I wore it almost every day up until this past Christmas when my fiance got me a new navy watch. The rhinestones around the edges are perfect for someone in college, or for someone in their twenties to wear on the weekends. I find that too many sparkles on a watch isn't the most professional for an office setting, especially a law office, but I will definitely still be wearing this watch when I'm out with friends on the weekends. A nice watch makes any outfit a little bit more polished, and I love how the navy band of this one plays well off the navy in the plaid on my top.


J. Crew, also available in solid colors.


J. Crew Factory, also available with a scalloped hem.



Nordstrom from two years ago, similar available herehere, and here.



Michael Kors, also available with a brown strap.