Game Night

This past weekend one of my friends hosted a game night at her and her boyfriend's place. This was a pretty casual night in at their place, so I went with an outfit that was comfortable and cute, but relatively simple since we were staying in. I wore a chambray shirt, comfortable and versatile black pants, black loafers with gold embroidered pineapples, and my wine and dine watch.

A little over a year ago I accidentally punctured a hole through the bottom hem of my chambray shirt with a particularly long and pointy nail. Ever since, I've been casually looking for a replacement chambray shirt. I haven't tried on or ordered every chambray shirt that I saw, but if I was already placing an online order and the store had a chambray shirt that looked well-fitted and structured, I would add it to my cart just to see. I probably tried or 3 or 4 chambray shirts before I happened upon this one from J. Crew Factory. It's comfortable and soft, without being thin, and it's fitted for a woman's shape so that the buttons over the bust don't awkwardly gape. Sometimes the quality from J. Crew Factory can be hit or miss, but this shirt feels like the same quality of a regular J. Crew retail shirt. I highly recommend this shirt if you're looking for a simple, basic chambray shirt.

I've featured these pants in previous posts, but in different colors. I love these pants so much that I have them in black, navy, and burgundy; and if J. Crew releases them in other colors in the future, I will definitely purchase those as well. They're a nicer pant than jeans, but they have a bit of stretch to the material so they're also more comfortable than jeans. The pockets are located more in the front of the thigh instead of on the side of the hips, so if you actually use them they don't make your hips look larger. The pockets are also big enough to hold most smartphones and they zip close, so I often actually use them, which is not something that I can say about most of my pants. I'm 5'4" and I got the pants in petite, so that they would be ankle pants, and I love the look of wearing them with ballet flats or loafers. These pants are so versatile, I wore them to the office for work over the summer, and they can easily be dressed down enough for casual wear.

Since my outfit was pretty simple and basic, I could have more fun with my shoes and watch. My shoes are on sale from Jack Rogers, and they're so much fun. Sometimes I forget that Jack Rogers sells shoes other than sandals, but they have a lot of really cute embroidered loafers. When I bought these I was deciding between them and a pair with embroidered artichokes. The pineapples won out because they're fun and sassy, but also somewhat elegant at the same time. These are very comfortable loafers that fit true to size. Sometimes I have an issue with my feet sweating in loafers, but that was not an issue at all with these.

My Kate Spade watch also had fun details. The strap of the watch is wine colored, it says "wine and dine" across the face of the watch, and there's a glass of red wine in place of the 8 o'clock marker. I wouldn't wear this watch to class or to work, but it is so much fun for the weekends and evening events. I always get compliments on this watch, and I love that it perfectly blends my love of Kate Spade with my passion for wine.

Shirt: J. Crew Factory.

Pants: J. Crew.

Watch: Kate Spade

Shoes: Jack Rogers.