Date Night In

During the winter, if I'm spending the day or night at home, I'll usually be wearing leggings and an oversized sweater or sweatshirt. I dress for comfort and warmth when I'm not out and about. However, I do try to put on some real clothes and do my hair and makeup if me and my fiance are having a date night in. We've started doing date nights at home more often ever since he moved and bought a house. He currently lives a couple hours away from me because of his job, and the town he lives in is not exactly a bustling city. It's a pretty rural area, and there's not much to do when I visit him, but he has a much larger kitchen that me, so we always cook a lot when I'm there. A few Christmases ago he got me a Date Night In cookbook that has various dinner recipes grouped by season. The recipes are for 3-4 course dinners, and they're designed for two people to cook them together. For each dinner, the author tells a sweet story about her and her husband. It's a great cookbook, and we've loved almost every recipe we've tried so far. It's the perfect cookbook for couples who like to cook together.

When I cook I like to be comfortable and unrestricted, so I paired some incredibly comfortable trouser pants with a dressed up tee shirt. I wrote about these J. Crew pants last week, when I wore them in a burgundy color. I love these pants so much that I have them in three colors, and here I'm wearing them in navy. They are made from stretch cotton so they're incredibly comfortable, but still very flattering. The pockets are zipper pockets along the front thigh, so they don't add extra weight to the hips, and they're big enough to fit an iphone in. They're nice enough to wear to work in an office setting, and comfortable enough to wear running errands. I can't say enough good things about these pants.

The tee shirt that I'm wearing is a classic nautical style. It's a blush, navy, and white 3/4 length sleeve boat neck tee shirt from J. Crew a few years ago. I own so much navy and white clothing, so the blush mixed in here adds a little something different. There's also three gold buttons along the left shoulder to dress up the simple shirt. This shirt is incredibly comfortable and flattering, and it looks great with the navy pants. I also wear it with jeans, and with white pants on a chilly summer night. It's one of those shirts that's just so easy to throw on without having to think about it too much. I also really like the 3/4 length sleeves, because it makes it very easy to wear a watch or bracelets with it.

I kept my jewelry relatively simple since I was just cooking at home. My watch is a Michele watch that I wear regularly. My fiance got it for me this Christmas to replace a very sparkly Michael Kors watch that I felt I outgrew. This watch still has some sparkles on it's face, but it feels more sophisticated and mature than my old watch. My fiance knows my style well, and knows that navy is my go to neutral color, so he did great picking out this watch and it goes with almost everything in my closet. I know that smart watches are becoming more and more prevalent, but I think that an elegant analog watch will never go out of style.

My earrings are also a Christmas gift from my fiance, but from our first Christmas together. They are Kate Spade pearl studs with a gold pave halo around them. I wear these earrings so much that the backing actually broke off and I had to get a replacement pair. Pearls are such a classic look, and these earrings go with everything. Whenever I wear jewelry that my fiance gave me, he always notices and compliments me, so I try wear his gifts on date nights to make them even more special. It's pretty easy for me to do that because he's so good at picking out things that fit my style.

Top: J. Crew a few years ago, similar from this season, similar from Tuckernuck and L.L. Bean.

Pants: J. Crew.

Earrings: Kate Spade.

Cookbook: Date Night In by Ashely Rodriguez.