Argyle in the Library

As a law student, I spend quite a bit of time in the library during the week. Whenever I have a break in classes I use that time to head to the library and get ahead on my reading for the rest of the week. I try to avoid the library on weekends though, you can feel the stress and tension in the air, so I prefer to study at home when I can.

This is an outfit that I will often wear to class during the week. It's comfortable and casual, but still put together. I got this cardigan at J. Crew a couple years ago. It's soft, it has held its shape, and the arms aren't too tight, which is a problem that I sometimes find with J. Crew cardigans. I don't have very much argyle in my closet, but I love this cardigan and it makes me want to get more argyle. I feel like argyle is plaid's quieter, more intellectual older sister. They're both very classic patterns, but argyle is often associated with professors and the Ivy League, whereas plaid is a much more widely worn pattern. It's much harder to find cute argyle sweaters or tops than it is to find plaid ones.

Whenever I wear this cardigan I pair it with a plain navy, white, or beige top underneath. The argyle pattern is busy enough wearing any sort of extra embellishment on the top underneath is unnecessary. The cardigan also has subtle sparkley thread throughout the beige/gold portion of the pattern, so I don't usually wear a necklace with it, because it doesn't need anymore bling. This top is a simple racerback tank that I got from Lilly Pulitzer last year. It's comfortable and is a great basic to mix and match with various jackets, sweaters, and accessories. If you can get past all the patterns and prints on the Lilly Pulitzer site, there are a lot of really great basic tanks and tops in various colors.

I typically like to push up the sleeves on this cardigan a little bit, it makes the cardigan look less formal, and it makes it easier to wear a watch or a bracelet, or both, with it. I wrote about my watch last week, it's a Michele watch that my fiance got me for Christmas, and the navy color goes with everything. It's my first really "grown-up" watch that isn't covered with sparkles or cutesy details (I'm looking at you Kate Spade watches). I still love more fun and whimsical watches, but I don't think they will be appropriate in the office once I start working full time in the fall. I also layered my watch with a gold pave link bracelet from J. Crew Factory. I wrote about this bracelet a few weeks ago, and it's such a great staple bracelet that can be worn layered with other bracelets of a watch, and can hold it's own if you wear it by itself.

The jeans I'm wearing are my go to Madewell Roadtripper jeans that I've written about before. They're just incredibly comfortable, and I like that they aren't a super dark wash so that I can wear navy tops with them and don't look too monochromatic. They're light enough denim that they're not too close to being navy. My riding boots are Tory Burch from last year's fall shoe line. Tory Burch released great, high quality riding boots every fall. You can still find a pair at a couple of department stores now, and they're on sale, but if you look in December or early January department stores will have a larger variety and size selection on sale. I can't recommend Tory Burch boots enough, so I would definitely keep any eye out next year if you can't find you size now.

A few details about my school accessories. My backpack is a North Face basic backpack. It's very durable and comfortable to wear. I used to carry around a big tote bag, but it was causing problems on the shoulder that I would carry it on, because all the weight was on one shoulder, so I switched to a backpack this year. My laptop case is from Amazon. I like that it's a more classic take on the marble trend. I think that marble home accessories are pretty, but they're a little too trendy for me, whereas the wooden look of my laptop case reminds me of a classic study, like Richard Gilmore's in Gilmore Girls. The stickers on the case are from KJP, a sticker is usually included with every order, and I think they're cuter than other brands' stickers. My planner is Kate Spade, I love their planners because they come with cute stickers and it's big enough that each day actually has enough space for me to write my schedule and my to do list.

Cardigan: J. Crew from two years ago, similar available from Talbots and Macy's.

Top: Lilly Pulitzer from last year, similar from this season available here and here.

Jeans: Madewell.

Boots: Tory Burch from last year, similar from this season available here.

Watch: Michele Watches.

Bracelet: J. Crew Factory.

Backpack: The North Face.

Laptop Cover: Amazon.

Laptop Stickers: KJP.

Water Bottle: S'well.

Planner: Kate Spade sold out, similar style available here.