Snow Day

As I mentioned in my previous posts, my family went to Vail, Colorado a few weeks ago, and while I don't like to ski, I did have fun just playing in the snow, watching movies in the cabin, and walking around the ski village. One of the days it wasn't that cold for Vail in the winter, so I didn't need to wear a coat and I took full advantage of the relative "warmth" by playing in the snow! Since I was coatless, I opted to wear a warm vest. I got this vest from Nordstrom earlier this season, and I absolutely love it. It's reddish burgundy and navy plaid, but it's not a sharp plaid, the lines of plaid are more faded and blend into each other. It's 100% cotton, so it has a cloth texture on the outside, instead of that shiny/slippery feel that some vests have. It's quilted, which gives it a lovely classic texture, and one of my favorite things about it is that the inside lining is polka dotted, and you can see the pattern peaking out when I fold the collar over. I paired the vest with a classic Ralph Lauren gray cable knit sweater. The one I'm wearing is a few years old, but Ralph Lauren puts out basically the same style of sweater every year, because it's such a timeless look. Since the vest is plaid, I typically wear it with a solid colored sweater underneath so that the vest is the center of attention. I often wear it with this gray sweater, but it also looks great with cream, beige, and navy sweaters.

I love wearing a statement necklace with a vest partially unzipped. The collar of the vest frames statement necklaces so nicely. With this outfit I chose the Perry Street Elenora Necklace. The stones that make up the petals of the jeweled flowers are a navy/dark gray color and they bring together the gray of the sweater and the navy in the plaid print of the vest. The necklace adds a fun dash of sparkle to an otherwise very classic, but simple outfit.

I don't get very many snow days in Durham, North Carolina, so I took advantage of the Colorado weather and wore my favorite Kate Spade Hi-5 mittens. My grandmother got them for me for Christmas three years ago, and I try to find some excuse to wear them every year. They're incredibly warm and soft, and the Hi-5 print adds such a lovely touch of whimsy to the mittens. Kate Spade had darling mittens every year, and they add a touch of fun to any outfit. In the time since I originally drafted this post, Durham actually got a good bit of snow due to the "bomb-cyclone" and I got another chance to wear my mittens!

Since I was playing in the snow, I had to wear my L.L. Bean Boots. They are my go-to all-weather boots. They are sturdy, dependable, classic boots. I reach for them whenever it rains in Durham, and they keep my feet completely dry. While I was walking around the snow in Vail my toes stayed warm. They also have great traction, which is a must in Durham, because on the rare occasion that it does snow, it melts and refreezes as ice very quickly, and these boots have prevented me from slipping on the ice many times. I got my Bean Boots in navy because that's my primary neutral color and I wanted them to go with everything that I own, but I think the camel/brown color is also a great neutral color that doesn't clash with anything.

Vest: Nordstrom, unfortunately it's sold out at Nordstrom, but there are some available in select sizes from Nordstrom Rack, and similar ones at Macy's and Talbots.

Sweater: Ralph Lauren from a few years ago, similar one available this season.

Necklace: Perry Street, similar available from BaubleBar and Kate Spade.

Mittens: Kate Spade three years ago, similar ones from this season and from Draper James.

Boots: L.L. Bean.