Bows in the Snow

Durham was lucky enough to get another snow day last week. It's already snowed here three times this winter, which is very unusual. What's crazier is that we got almost a foot of snow this time!! We were only expected to get 1-2 inches, so the pervasiveness of the storm was a big surprise. I spent most of the day inside, with a warm drink, a blanket, and a book, but I went outside for a little bit to enjoy the rare occurrence of so much snow. Even though it was almost a foot of snow, it wasn't that cold out, it was barely cold enough to snow, hovering around 30 degrees all day, so I didn't need to wear a coat over my warm sweater.

I'm obsessed with this sweater, it's comfy enough to lounge around in all day, and warm enough to wear outside. I don't wear pink that often, but I do really enjoy this shade of bright coral. It's an easy way to add a splash of joy and fun to a dreary day. What really caught my eye about this sweater though, and the main reason why I bought it, is the bows along the back. They are the perfect adorable touch to an otherwise simple sweater. Multiple bows can sometimes be tricky to pull off, but since these bows are down the back, instead of in the front, they offer a more subtle note of girliness to the sweater. Another thing to note about this sweater, is that it runs a bit big. I'm wearing my normal size small here, and it's a bit billowy, and long enough that I feel comfortable wearing it with leggings. I'm considering getting it in another color in a size extra-small for a more fitted look.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect cream pom pom hat since the start of winter. I tried to order this one from J. Crew in early December, but the cream color was back-ordered and now it's completely out of stock. I ended up finding this one at Tuckernuck a few weeks ago and I love it. It keeps my head so warm and the dark ivory/light beige goes with everything. I like that the pom pom isn't the exactly same color as the hat itself, so that it stands out a bit and adds some fun contrast. This hat is incredibly soft, and good quality, I expect that it will last me many many winters.

Since I was playing in the snow, I covered my feet in the my trusty Bean Boots. I wrote about them in a previous snow post, but they are the best shoes for inclement weather. They keep all the water and snow out of my feet, so my feet stay warm and dry even when I'm walking in a foot of snow. I wore them in the days following the snow, after it started melting, and they saved me from potentially slipping and falling on ice. The path from my apartment to my complex's dumpster was covered in ice, from snow that had melted and re-frozen, and there were several spots on the ice that I felt if I had been wearing other shoes I definitely would have slipped, but my Bean Boots kept me from wiping out..

My snow day outfit was pretty simple, but it was the perfect balance of warm and comfortable. The sweater is comfortable enough to be a go-to lounge around the house sweater, but cute enough to wear out and about at well. Here's hoping for one more snow storm in the south before spring comes out way.

Sweater: Nordstrom, available in six colors

Hat: Barbour, available at Tuckernuck.

Boots: L.L. Bean